March 4, 2010

Three Things That Could Make a Difference

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I have 100s of different business, ecommerce and marketing websites in my feed reader and I read all of their posts, and often the posts they link to.  About 99% of what I read is stuff I already know, total fluff. But the 1% that is news, that stuff is golden and it changes the way I do things with my online retail site. On average I find 3 good ideas each month, 3 things I want to try out for my business.

In the last year I probably changed at least 30 things about my website and business, maybe more. Each thing makes my business incrementally better and it’s all ideas I gleaned over time and study. Sometimes the thing I need to do isn’t even directly suggested by the article I’ve read, but I extrapolate a valuable idea any way.

The aim of this blog is to deliver my readers the best stuff, my good ideas. Good ideas I’ve seen on other websites. Good ideas other people have given me.  I am trying to strike a balance between stuff more experienced e-tailers would find interesting and stuff novices can benefit from too.

I also recently started offering my services as a consultant to e-tailers. As part of the launch, I’m offering a feature I call 3 for 30. For $30.00 I’ll email you a list of 3 customized suggestions for your online retail business. My suggestions can range from changes to your product photos, to adding some pertinent information I think your customers are missing. I’ll pick the 3 things I think you’ll benefit from the most and suggest those items. It’s a good way to get a quick sample of the kind of help I can provide, for a very low fee. If you’re interested in taking me up on this offer, drop me a line.

If you want to stick to figuring it out on your own as you go along, that’s cool too. Just sit back and stay tuned to this channel.


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